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Terrorism in Republic of Moldova: possibilities and prerequisites.

At the beginning, I would like to inform you that this thesis is subjective point of view of a student who has been studying the terrorist problem for almost 4 years. I, as an anthropologist, had a great chance to understand this phenomenon from different angles: psychological, political, economical and etc.

Talking particularly about RM, I don’t want to discredit today’s government or previous one, I just want to show Moldavian ‘possibilities’ to get in a list of countries that has a problems with ethnic terrorism and other resembling violence. Somebody can say that it’s a farfetched thesis, but I’ll try to show it’s possibility.

It’s very interesting to see how in our postmodern time, the content of the words such as terror, liberal, democracy is changing. The word remains the same, but the meaning that we put in it differs from10-20 years ago. With the ‘Terrorism’ happened the same things, for different people and of course government, it means different things. And this is a big problem for war on terror. The majority of people is trying to resolve this problem: different view on the same things can’t lead for one resolve and one definition.

That’s why, we need to talk about the definition of terrorism before to continue this thesis. For this work it will be: terrorism is systematical violence, which leads to death of the part or the whole of big social group, in reaching same political goals.

This definition was deduced while I was working on my thesis degree on modern and postmodern terrorism. You can see that this definition is reminding definition of word ‘terror’. Same scholars can’t see the differences between these two defined notions. They argue that ‘Terror’ it’s a government’s violence from the government. In my opinion, ‘terror’ and ‘terrorism’ are the same now, because, for example, in the Gaza Strip, as we know, Hamas – organization which same call ‘terrorist’ organization – won the election and became legitimate one. And we can not talk about orientation pro and con government in definition of ‘terrorism’ now. ‘Terrorism’ absorbed ‘terror’ meaning. This phenomenon become very diffuse and absorbed various qualities and absorbed different types of terrorism, as political, religious, persuasion and etc.

From this point of view, we can talk not only about terrorism against government - or whole world if we talk about world terrorism - but about ‘legal terrorism’ from government. Somebody can say that’s not true and if it is government it has possibility to use legal violence against own people for saving harmony in the state. But what can we say about Hamas, invasion in Iraq and Afghanistan with peacekeeping and antiterrorist mission within ‘War On Terror’. Maybe it’s not time to mix this two notion – terror and repression - but, I think, it’s a great chance to think about it more deeply. While the whole world is fighting against terrorism, we – intelligent people - have to understand this phenomenon by peeking into the eyes of this problem.

The phenomenon of terrorism, unfortunately, became the part of our daily life: 9/11, London, Madrid, Moscow, Bagdad – this list we can continue for a long time. The problem of terrorism influences on international affairs and the home policy, in the light of it other cultures was understood. Terrorism problem influences on home policy - toughen home law and level of government violence.

It became big ethic problem - we can not discriminate somebody because he or she has countryman, who suspected in terrorism or in supporting them. But there will be the biggest problem and mistake if we don’t start to talk about prevention the terrorism beforehand. I think, regarding Moldova, we can not talk about proliferation of terrorism from the adjoining or remote countries. The nearest terrorist group is Hizb ut-Tahrir, which has been widening at Crimea. This kind of organization proliferated only on historical places which was a part of Islamic empire on certain period of time or in courtiers which has the big Islamic Diaspora.

There is only one possibility of the terrorism appearance in our country:

  •    Terrorism as unite method for consolidation of society. It’s a good way to unite our society. As we know, Kant said that there is only one possibility to unite human world – appearing alien threat. He talked about extraterrestrial threat, but his thoughts works in our reality too. Only hidden enemy can call both: unite society round government and fear before new enemy.

I won’t talk about political crisis in RM; you can find the information about it in newspapers. I want to say that it always will be this kind of a problem in a country which have survived cultural and reality break. RM stays on the board between 2 worlds – post soviet world with pseudo-democratic and liberal systems and western world with democratic and liberal values and beliefs.

Terrorism as uniting method can help to convince the public opinion to one of the part of the board – it’s like a walk on the razor's edge and the ‘uniting violence’ is the one of the way of consolidation.

I think, there was already attempt to do this. When on Chisinau day in the central of a capital of Moldova was exploded antipersonnel grenade, was said that this made al-Qaida. Of course, it wasn’t any terrorist organization it was accident, but Department of the Interior tried to make from this accident antigovernment action.

How does it work?

‘Government’ means the groups of people, who need same extremist act for discriminate antigovernment group and thereby unite the society by war against terrorism in the state.  

Government in uniting aim makes movement for perceptible pressure on the same group that find exist government bad and nonlegal. This pressure can be really different - prohibition of antigovernment party or other. After this, if there is no answer on this pressure, pressure will be repeated again and again until the antigovernment group will answer as government want. “Extremist group” will answer by violence against government, I think, not only against politics but against same government symbols as new monuments or etc. This action will be interpreting by mass media as terrorist act, and in the end can help in consolidation of society and the government become stronger by using legitimate violence.

Terrorism became political force, and our state – Moldova – isn’t exception of this list. This ‘pressure-answer method’ seems to be very useful not only in post-soviet society, but in other part of the world, too.

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