Alejandro (bluegreen_lens) wrote in culturalanthro,


Help! This is one of my ideas for an area of cultural or applied anth to specialize in, and I want to start researching it thoroughly...

Does anybody know of any literature that focuses on systems of justice/methods of maintaining social harmony in stateless societies (preferably societies with little to no hierarchy in their social organization).

What I'm really looking for is alternatives to prisons, courts, police, military.

I'm an anth/journalism undergrad who's finished the anth coursework, and am trying to see what research is out there on this, don't know where or with whom to start (besides Harold Barclay). Obviously there will be certain sections of books by cultural anth's that deal with the topic for a given culture, but what'd be even better is studies, key researchers, publications or organizations geared towards the topic.

Any ideas???
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